Thursday, September 16, 2010

OCD Tendencies: #1 - List making

So I'm a list maker; I truly enjoy making lists and discovering things about myself.
Today's list is a list of the silly obsessive compulsive tendencies I have. These are things I laugh about. Not things that give me true anxiety. But my husband laughs at me and thinks it is silly I even notice.

1. I must chew evenly. If I snack on something, i.e. Cheez-its, I must chew one on the right, then one on the left. If I end up with an odd number, I have to start over. Otherwise I feel like a cat with a whisker cut off, I have no balance.

Mmmm Cheez-its.
2. If I get a song stuck in my head, it usually involves numbers. Anyone remember the good ol' chorus, "867-5309eeeeine"?? Or "1, you're like a dream come true, 2, just wanna be with you, 3, girl it's plain to see, you're the only one for meee." In all honesty, I don't care for either of these songs. But they have numbers and they get stuck in my head for days. (I'm sure anyone reading this will enjoy them inside their brains today as well. You're welcome!)

3. I am a germ-o-phobe. I will not touch door handles with my bare hands. I will lift up the bottom of my shirt and display my awesome stomach to open the door if I have to. (That awesome was indeed sarcastic.)

4. Remember the chewing evenly thing in #1?? I take it a step further. When I chew gum, I have to put one on each side of my mouth and chew until the new burst of flavor is gone on each side. I will then merge the two pieces. I bet you're wondering how I handle the situation when I'm faced with bubble tape.

5. This one isn't totally uncommon. I eat clockwise, and I eat one thing at a time. Unless something is MEANT to be totally mushed together like a casserole, I don't especially care for my food touching. I always eat meat last.

So there you have it. This is a short list about me. I'd love to hear what everyone else's silly quirks are. The main thing is, we have to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the little things that makes each of us an individual.

~Crazy Lo~

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have runner's knee. I'm more annoyed than anything because the doctor said this:

1. Women walk funny. I have to change the way I walk.

2. I have to walk up stairs, one at a time, with one leg leading so I don't bend or put weight on my right leg while it is bent.

3. I have to do a bunch of stretches. (Whatev, they'll probably feel good.)

4. This is the pity party one: No more P90X, running, elliptical, stair climbers, etc for a while.

I can ride my bike or swim. That's about it. I'm not sure about Yoga yet. I can still do my arm workouts. So I will have to design a new program in the next week and figure out a new routine until this knee heals itself.

The good news is, I suspected for the last week and a half that the P90X workouts weren't doing me any favors as far as the health of my knee goes, so I rode my mountain bike on Little Blue Trail the other night.

Two positives came from this riding experience. The first being that the trail was GORGEOUS. I got out of the house, out of my dark basement where I usually torture myself with grueling workouts, and enjoyed nature. The temperature was high 70's with a nice breeze, the sun was out, and the view of the ride was truly beautiful. There were so many people out riding and running the trail, I felt like I wasn't alone out there. (But also wasn't overcrowded with people like I would feel at the gym.)

The second positive is that I burned 947 calories in an hour and 15 minutes. HOLY SMOKES! That is like 200 more calories than a good P90X day! And it was a steady workout. I never felt like I was going to die or like I wasn't enjoying the ride. I think I'm in love.

So...the best thing the doctor said was that I can still ride my bike. Thank you 30 year old hungover doctor.

There is also one bonus positive. My friend, Angela, saw on facebook the other night that I had gone riding. She emailed me yesterday and wants to ride with me! She's been wanting to for a while, but neither of our husbands want to go on the "easy" trails with us. My husband enjoys the actual mountain-type trails, which I'm terrified of. I don't find squeezing my bike through two large trees or jumping rocks and fallen trees with a 30 foot drop next to me as an enjoyable experience. I see it as a suicide attempt. Especially with my...graceful ways. I mean really, anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge klutz.

So no more of this tough girl routine for a while, but I'm not going to quit exercising or improving my body. I'm going to get through this very minor setback and come back stronger. And maybe, I'll find this as a blessing in disguise with this whole biking thing. I will post picture of the trail soon.