Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Adventures in Kansas City - Episode 1

I've been a bad blogger lately, but I want to share some of the fun things I've been doing around the city lately. The weather has been perfect, and I've been taking full advantage.
A couple of weeks ago, I met up with some girlfriends and headed down to the Country Club Plaza for the Plaza Art Fair. We sipped on some wine and hung out in my girlfriend's apartment before we walked to the plaza. Being down there makes me remember why I always wanted to move to the city. Maybe I can convince Mike to move closer to the city someday.
Here are the four of us in her cute apartment.

We stopped at Quik Trip to buy some beers for the walk to the plaza. Classy, eh? This picture finally captures my name. 'Tis I, CrazyLo!

I was absolutely in love with some of this art. Unfortunately, my pocketbook disagrees.

I think the highlight of the evening was running into some shoe buyers from NYC for one of those fancy ass places (Chanel, Prada, I can't remember) who said we were the nicest ladies in KC. Why? Because we didn't give him a dirty look when he asked if one of us had a lighter. Shame on you KC ladies, where is your Midwestern hospitality!?

We finished the evening with an adventurous walk home through some allies and a fun little slide at the end to reach our friend's apartment. Oh back ass ways, how you make me feel so adventurous. Here's the little walk way and our "slide."

The next morning I woke up to go to Teen Club. Teen Club is a non-profit organization I have been with since it's birth. Since 2004 we have been providing a monthly activity for Teens in the area with disabilities. Most of the teens have Down's Syndrome or Autism. We do arts and crafts, field trips to cool places around KC, cooking, dances, etc. This week we did some texture art, which meant everyone got MESSY!!!

See Messy Hands exhibit A:

And B:

And a few of the end products:

We played games and "hung out" until lunch time. These kiddos love stacking cups and they have a much steadier hand than I!

For lunch we had a baked potato bar. I wish I had taken a picture of my baked potato. I can't say it was at all Weight Loss friendly, but it was SO good. Mine was loaded with chili, cheese, onions, bacon bits, oh and CHEESE. Delicious.

I love doing this every month. This is one of the girls who have been coming to Teen Club since the beginning. I had a few of them hand out bubbles and programs at my wedding.

Speaking of Weddings... I attended a wedding Saturday night at Stonehaus Winery in Lee's Summit, MO. It was so beautiful and the wine was tasty! I never miss an opportunity to take a picture with Mike when we're all dolled up.

We left the reception to go to Houlihan's and grab a bite to eat and some flavored Long Island pitchers.

And then things got kind of crazy. Lee's Summit was having Oktoberfest and our friends wanted to go. We went to downtown Lee's Summit and of course, found the liquor store. I think my friends were so excited that they could walk the streets with alcohol Vegas Style, they wanted to take full advantage. I loved this guy's hat and overall style, so I asked to take a picture with him. I don't know how I manage to get these random pictures. Liquid courage I suppose. Funniest part is he let me come behind the counter for this photo op. Classy again, yes?
The night ended shortly after this for me. It was a long day and those Long Islands were the end of me.
Fall has just started, so there shall me more adventures in KC coming to a blog near you soon.

~Crazy Lo~