Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wine Club

Even though I'm not drinking at the moment, I promised a post about the Wine Club I joined. When I get some weight off, I may begin incorporating some wine back into my life, but sadly, for at least the next month this is the only wine review I'll be able to write.

You're in luck though, I've tried 3 so far!

First I'll tell you a little about the club. I received an invitation in the mail to join a wine club. This is called American Cellars Wine Club, or Vinesse. I googled and did a little research to make sure this thing was for real. Turns out, it is. There are mixed reviews much like any other product, but I must say I'm pleased. They send me 6 bottles of wine every other month. Each bottle is under $15 and I pay some shipping. If I like something, I can buy extra bottles at a nice price.

With each bottle of wine, they send you a tasting sheet. Each sheet gives a little story about the wine, tells you the grape composition, grape source (where it is grown), Aromas and Flavors to look for in your tasting, aging vessels (oak barrels, steel tanks, etc.), when to drink the wine, and the tasting panel score from the test group.The first wine I tried was 2009 Knoll Haven Winery California Chardonnay. This one cracked me up because I was advised to eat KFC Original Recipe chicken. Of all foods, they want me to eat KFC. I opted for pork Chile verde instead. The wine was fabulous with food, way too strong without food. The Aromas and Flavors I was supposed to look for were Golden Delicious Apple, Cinnamon & Tropical Fruit. I could definitely taste each if I focused and "looked for" one at a time.

The other two wines I tried were 2009 T. Cassidy Wines California Merlot and 2009 Alderwood Creek Vineyards California Sauvignon Blanc. I took these bottles to Iowa for the early Thanksgiving with my Uncle and Grandparents. I LOVED the merlot. I have hated merlot my entire life, ok, my entire DRINKING life. But I couldn't get enough of this stuff. (This may be why I convinced my entire family to go to the Fireman's Charity Dance at the legion in small town Iowa. Whatev, we won a case of motor oil in the raffle.) I think the reason I loved the merlot was because not only did it taste good with food, it tasted good after dinner as well. It wasn't as dry as other merlots that I've tried, which is probably why I liked it. I think what made it tasty to me, was that there was a hint of toasted almond (according to the flavor sheet.)

As for the Sauvignon Blanc...
Shit was nasty.

So there you have it. If you like wine, and you're stuck on white zinfandel (I'm not hating, I love it too!) you should check out a club. And I'm all ears if you find others you like. I will be sipping again someday.

~Crazy Lo~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wanna know what Chief's Stadium looks like on Club Level?

My amazing job gave me tickets to a pre-season game to the newly renovated Chiefs Stadium. And even better, to the club level with all the rich peeps. While this post is super late, I still want to share because it was a very cool experience.

I hate that this picture is blurry of Mike and me, but if you look closely you will see a double rainbow behind us!

This is in the ladies restroom on Club Level. Fancy shit right there.

Bar Area

Equipped with carpet, seating, and a fireplace. Oh, and don't mind the chef walking in the picture.

50 yard line

Me, Drunk, With a fountain. I'm notorious for taking drunk pictures with fountains. At least I'm not IN the fountain this time.

So there you have it my wonderful blog readers, this is the VIP experience with Crazy Lo at a pre-season Chief's game. Now, if I could ever kiss enough ass to get reg. season tickets to a Raiders or Denver game, I'd have some serious bragging rights.

~Crazy Lo~

Muh Bike & Muh Trail

When the weather started to cool off and it was light outside past 5:30 PM, I decided to take full advantage with my beautiful Specialized Myka mountain bike. I need to name her one of these days. (Open to suggestions!!)

I hit the trail a couple of times for about 10 miles each time. I love riding my bike, because it is one of those surprise calorie burners. No, I'm not surprised I burn calories riding my bike, I'm surprised how MANY calories I burn versus the way my body feels while I do it. I actually ENJOY riding my bike. I don't feel miserable the whole time I'm doing it. And then bam, over 600 calories in under an hour.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Oh, and daylight savings can kiss my ass because I miss riding after work. I plan on getting out there this Saturday if the wind and temps aren't miserable.
AND if you are ever in the Kansas City area and would like to ride a fairly flat trail, check out Little Blue Trace Trail. It is pretty!

~Crazy Lo~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wine Club

Sooo...I joined a wine club. And tonight I tried my first bottle of wine while uploading pictures from my camera. These pictures included things like...when I actually used to work out. Hmm..I should try that again. They also included pictures of my first wine shipment.

But you see, the pictures took so dang long to load that I drank a glass of Chardonnay, which was kind of strong, and polished off Pork Chile Verde.

So now I'm tipsy off one darned glass of wine and sleepy.

I promise to have an exciting review to you, with pictures, very very soon!

I also promise to post the Snickers Pie recipe (WW friendly!) I promised a few of you on the boards today.

♥♥♥♥ Crazy Lo ♥♥♥♥