Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Reasons I am OVER Winter

My hands are covered in cuts. They are so dry that they are covered in little owwies here and there. At this point, I think I can brush my teeth and manage to cut myself.

So here are 5 Reasons why I am so OVER Winter.

I know, I know, it's hard to get past my purty ring in this last picture, but the cut is just under my top knuckle on my ring finger. :)

(Now you know just one more reason why I LURVE Mr. Lo.)

And yes, I desperately need a manicure. Stupid keyboards.

~Crazy Lo~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Day I Became Mrs. Lo - Episode 2

Everyone has to jump hurdles and overcome obstacles when they are planning their wedding. I’ve heard some pretty bad stories, and of course watched enough episodes of Bridezilla to see some HUGE ones.

Today, I’ll focus on our pre-marital counseling, the dreaded stain on my beautiful wedding dress, and the day we had to put a good friend to rest.

Hurdle 1 – Pre-Marital Counseling
I grew up Lutheran, and Mike’s family stopped going to church when he was very young. So naturally, I wanted to get married in my church. A big fear of mine when dating Mike was that he wouldn’t get married in my church, do the required counseling sessions, and therefore we’d never get married. This was a requirement of mine. I would not get married unless it was in my church. I had a wonderful pastor who helped me through trying times as a kid, teenager and beyond, and I wanted his guidance when I entered into marriage.

After years of talking about it, Mike finally caved and agreed to meet with my pastor for counseling. It was actually a wonderful experience, and Pastor put Mike at ease. He didn’t try to force anything on Mike, didn’t have any judgmental attitude about us living together, he was wonderful.

There was a day when disaster struck though. We had to do an exercise where we wrote down 3 things we wished the other person would improve. Honestly, it’s not a big deal. I think Mike asked me to do more laundry, quit caring what others think of me, and take out the trash or something. I was so uncomfortable though. I did not want to critique Mike, and was literally shaking. When it was my turn, Pastor made the comment that “This exercise makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t it?”

Cue Flood Gates:


That's no Snooki "Wahhh" people.

I started bawling!! I don’t want to critique my man! I hated it!! He’s a wonderful person. Why did I have to focus on the things that aren’t perfect? A box of tissues later, I think I finally blubbered requests that Mike watch TV with me once and a while and give me a compliment or two. Holy smokes, how did I keep this man from running out of the church and my life with my crazy-ness that day?

Hurdle 2 – The stain on my dress
DUN DUN DUN! See this beautiful, white, fluffy, sparkly, amazing-ness of a dress? Ugh, I loved it. It was the first dress I tried on, and after trying 11 more dresses, I kept coming back to it. I felt skinny, I felt pretty, I felt SPARKLY! I really did feel like a princess.

I made the “mistake” of getting my dress at David’s Bridal and allowed them to do my alterations. I found most places won’t touch a David’s Bridal dress, so I had no choice but to use their alterations department. My fittings were fine, no hemline disasters or anything like that. But this WHITE dress came back with BLOOD on it. Somebody pricked their finger with a pin and touched my dress. Are you KIDDING me? My dress had been tainted with someone’s blood and they tried to send this dress home with me.

Oh No you DI’INT!

I refused to walk out that day with a bloody dress. I came back a week later and it was still there. Unacceptable. And I was such a horrible pain in their ass because I wouldn’t just take the dress home. Big-Ass-Eye-Roll DB’s.

David’s Bridal spent a lot more hours on that dress than they ever planned. And you better believe they had it until they got the blood out.

Hurdle 3 – The loss of a friend

This guy right here was Skyler a.k.a. Sky 2 Fly. He was the very first R.S.V.P. we received for our wedding with “attending” checked and a hell yeah note attached.

Skyler was an amazing person. Friends with the nerdiest of nerds and the coolest of cool. If you sat alone at a party, he would friend you and make you feel good about yourself.

Skyler beat cancer while his friends played little league. And once he beat that cancer, he never took another day for granted. He flew around the city on a motorcycle, he dropped money on tables at swanky bars because he wanted to have a good time, he always brought a smile and a party with him. He made sure to have no regrets, because tomorrow isn’t promised.

And the cancer returned.

This time around, Skyler fought cancer in a wonderful hospital in New York, and he beat it again. But he had a complication after the surgery and stopped breathing. He went to the hospital in a coma, and we never got to talk to him again. Skyler passed away just a few weeks before we were married and didn’t get to make it to our wedding after all. He was terribly missed that day, and every day since. Mike and I had to put our day aside for a while, because all of our friends were dealing with the loss of him. And I thank them for being strong, putting on smiles, and making our day special in the midst of a tragic loss.

Weddings bring stressful times, but these things and other obstacles like them will happen with or without a wedding. That’s life. When something happens that detours from the plan, decide whether it will be a big deal in 50 years. If you’re freaking out about a small detail, think about whether you will even remember that detail someday. (Honestly, are you going to care if a bow isn’t perfectly tied on each centerpiece?) And decide then and there it isn’t important. Everything will be fine. Move on. Focus on what matters. And learn from my mistakes. I did a lot of focusing on the people who let me down, who weren’t there, and who made the day about themselves instead of me. That was MY fault. I allowed them to get to me; and I wish I had the sense to focus on the ones who WERE there for me, who did NOT let me down, and who treated me like a princess. So please brides to be, control the controllable, and as my grandpa says, “water off a ducks back,” a.k.a. “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

~Crazy Lo~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Day I Became Mrs. Lo - Episode 1

I have never posted much online about my wedding, because I was married before I became active in the message board and blog world. Buuuut since I have some readers who are engaged and/or love reading all things wedding, I thought I'd share a series about my special day.

I became Mrs. Lo in May of 2009. Mike and I have "officially" been a couple since January of 2003. After 6 years of dating we finally tied the knot.

I'll fill you in on my day and the memories leading up to it, but to get things started I'll just share a few formal pictures from our day. Enjoy!

The Bride

The Groom (I drool every time I see this picture)

My Bridesmaid, Allison. It looks like SHE wants to marry me in this picture.

The groomsmen and ushers

The Logans

Can you see the love in my eyes?

Big fluffy dress and a piggy back ride.

Where is my man??


Next time: Pre-marital counseling, a dress stain and a funeral.