Friday, April 29, 2011

Trolley Run 2011

Sunday, April 3rd was the Trolley Run in Kansas City. Trolley is a 4 mile run weaving through some cute neighborhoods and ending in the plaza. This particular race was my first 4 mile run, and it was a running experience I hadn’t had yet.

Saturday was an odd day with random chores to do because we (thought we) had an important showing on Sunday. We also had to pick up Hottie’s parents from the airport in the early evening. Lot’s to do! Upon their arrival, they of course offered to buy us dinner, and we OF COURSE accepted.

In an effort to “carb load” I chose Olive Garden. While there, I chose a delicious salad accompanied by whole wheat penne and grilled chicken, tossed in a vegetable sauce.


What I really did was took advantage of my slight hangover, my free meal, and my need to carb load and ate: calamari, flatbread, salad, and chicken and shrimp carbonara. And of course a breadstick. I then went home, sat on my couch for 2 hours watching Eat, Pray, Love (better than the book, but still way too long) and didn’t think to drink water after all of the salt I consumed.

After the movie ate up 2 hours of my life, it was 10:00 and I realized I still had a couple loads of laundry to do so I would have a shirt and sports bra the next day, and I also had to shower and vacuum. I think I finally went to sleep somewhere around 12:30.

Sunday came around and I woke up right on time. I really didn’t feel bad when I woke up, but I was pretty tired. I woke up my dear husband, and told him we had about 15 minutes before we had to leave. 5 minutes went by and he was still in bed. When he finally woke up, he had to of course put laundry away from the night before, clean up a few things to have the house in showing condition, and all of this took 15 minutes before we were heading out the door. That’s right, we’re already 5 minutes late at this point.

As we got outside, he told me he wanted to drop his vehicle off in a parking lot up the street so he wouldn’t be parked in the driveway when people came to look at the house. WHAT?!?!? We’re LATE! I’m sure I had smoke pouring from my ears.

I sped to the parking lot, hopped in the passenger seat, and impatiently tapped my foot while waiting for him. My husband is rarely in a hurry for anything, and this day was no exception. We started to drive, and he asked where we were going. I told him the intersection of the start line, and considering he knows all of Kansas City, I figured his driving me would be a smart decision. Assuming he knew the area, I didn’t expect him to say the dreaded words, “So how do I get there?” WHAT?????????? Oh good grief.

This race did not have a specific address for the starting line, but rather an intersection. So after waiting for my GPS to turn on and acquire the damn satellites, I realized I can’t get to a location on the GPS with an intersection. I then turned to my phone for guidance, but realized we were already going a different way than the IDEAL way. I had to start a new search with a new start location, and we were finally on our way. At this point, I started to think to myself that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to have him drive me just to avoid having to ride shuttles to the start and find parking. (This wasn’t the case, but hey, I was angry and annoyed.)

I finally arrived to the starting area at 7:30, just 10 minutes before we were supposed to be in and stay in our wave groups. I ran to the start area and joined my group. No water drinking, no restroom breaks, no warming up. Oh.My.Gosh. I was not at all prepared for this race. I also dressed like it was going to be 65 degrees during the race, when in fact it was low 40’s. Doh! I was incredibly under-dressed.

7:45 and it was gun time for the first wave. You know, for those people who run 4 miles in like 15 minutes..give or take a few. There were two more waves before me, and I think we finally started at 7:58ish?

I took off and realized I was running on tree stumps. My legs = the tree stumps. I was so stiff, and at that point I realized I was also incredibly dehydrated. The course itself wasn’t that bad. It really isn’t a difficult course. I wasn’t out of breath, or tired I in a way that my cardio wasn’t up to par. I was cramping, dehydrated, and running on cold muscles. What the hell was I thinking? Why did I not chug water after that pasta? Why did I EAT that pasta? That processed, non-wheat, cheesy, salty, garlicky pasta. Ugh. I’m an idiot.

I spent a majority of the race trying not to throw up or shit my pants. At one point, things started to go dark and I had to take short/deep breaths and blink my eyes rapidly. I was on the verge of passing out. If this course wasn’t blessed with some down hills, I can’t say with confidence that I would have stayed conscious. I was determined not to walk though.

At this point, I truly started saying to myself, “Just one foot in front of the other.” I know that is cheesy and incredibly cliché, but it was my saving grace. As I was saying this, my tree trunks had grown roots, and it took everything I had to rip those roots off the ground. My muscles were solid and heavy. I never once loosened up during this race.

I saw the finish line, and I truly wanted to cry. You will see in the pictures that I resemble a zombie. Truly, my face is sunk in and my eyes are dark. I was miserable, and I just wanted to stop running. I wanted to collapse on the ground and drink as much water as my body could handle.

I crossed the line, slowed to a walk, and surprisingly didn’t pass out. And even more surprisingly, didn’t cry. (As much as I wanted to.) I found some Gatorade, wandered around like a confused individual, and found my husband.

Final Time: 41:59. My pace was 10:30. This was another PR, and a mile longer than I had ever run.

And while I wanted to be happy and giddy, I was pissed at myself. I know better. Why did I take advantage of the fact that I would be running the next day and pig out on horrible food? Why did I take advantage of the fact that while I’m in shape, I didn’t put in real miles to prepare for this race? Live and learn. Oh, and stop slacking.

And for your enjoyment: here are some pictures. Don't laugh too hard.

Notice the lady all bundled up behind me? Yep, most people were dressed like that. And then there was me, in my tank top.

~Crazy Lo~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You Can Thank Me Later - a.k.a. BREAKFAST BURRITOS!!!!

As much of a genius as I am, I don't know why I never thought of this before. This week I decided to partake in some bulk cooking. When I am training and spending a ton of time in the gym, I don't exactly have the time or energy to constantly cook. Keeping the laundry caught up and the house in showing condition is enough work. Not to mention keeping up with Biggest Loser and American Idol. Hellloooo priorities.

Anyway, I love breakfast burritos. Like a lot. In fact, if you know me, you know I love Mexican in all fashions and could easily eat Mexican at every meal. So this week I did a little research and made a bulk batch of breakfast burritos for Hottie Lo and myself. Thanks to this crazy weather, he has been working long days and eating a lot of fast food. My husband deserves better than Burger King every day, so step 1 was creating Microwavable breakfast burritos that he can take to work with him.

Reduced Fat Cheese
Turkey Breakfast Sausage
Red Bell Peppers
Reduced Fat Tortillas

Toss the eggs, sausage and peppers in a pan. Scramble to perfection.

Cover top of a plate with plastic wrap.

Place warmed tortilla (warmed for softness) on plate, top with egg mixture, salsa and cheese.

Fold burrito and cover with the plastic wrap. Ta-da!

I ate the finished product for breakfast the next morning. Just remove plastic wrap, place on a plate and microwave for 2 minutes! DELICIOUS!

Hottie Lo even said that everyone at work was angry at him for eating his delicious, homemade burrito. They said, it's not the same as watching him eat a nasty McDonald's burrito.

Ok, you can thank me now. :)

I plan on making Egg (mc) muffins and freezing those as well. Yay for breakfast!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

8 Mile

I ran half of that today. I will write a full post when some picture are posted online. BUT to those who just can't wait...

I ran 4 miles.

Without stopping.

In 41:59.

That sets a new PR for me pace wise. And a new record for distance.

And it was miserable!!

More to come later this week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Rock the Parkway 5k

Hello my friends!! Saturday, April 2nd was the Rock the Parkway 5k,10k and half marathon in Kansas City. This was my second 5k and was definitely an interesting experience.

After looking at some houses with our realtor on Friday, Mike and I went to Ward Parkway Shopping Center and picked up my race packet. We went to 75th Street Brewery and had some lunch, where I loaded up on some food. We ate pretty late, so this was my only real meal for the day. I had a turkey burger, fries and some iced tea. The turkey burger was delicious! I wish they turned out as tasty at home as they seem to be in restaurants. That evening, we went to see "Hall Pass" and I "carb loaded" on popcorn. HAHA. Whatev. It was amazing.

I had all of my stuff lined out Friday night. My race bib was pinned on to my shirt, I had my shorts, jacket and shoes layed out. And my racing chip was secured to my shoe. I was prepared! I woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning, had a thomas thin whole wheat english muffin with some peanut butter and ran out the door. I arrived way too early, but I wanted to give myself some time to find parking. Which ended up being easier than I thought. I got to the race around 7:15 and had 45 minutes to kill.

I wandered around a little bit, got my ipod in order, stretched as much as I could, and just waited. And waited. And waited. This is the one part of the race I hate. Waiting to start the run. For what turned out to be a beautiful day, it was chilly at 8:00 in the morning in shorts!

8:00 came and it was gun time. I lined up with the 11 minute pace group and kept a really great pace. I wish I had warmed up a little more, because my legs felt like tree trunks when I started moving. They warmed up quickly though.

I've realized something strange about races. When I start to get tired, I speed up, pass someone, and all of a sudden I have a whole new burst of energy. Can someone explain this to me? Is this just me being competitive or something?

Anyhoo, the first half of the course is basically up hill. That's 1.5 miles uphill. There were some flat areas, but there were some respectable sized inclines as well. I kept a steady pace and never walked. The wonderful thing about this race is that you bust your ass running up hill for the first half, and glide almost effortlessly down hill on the second half. Ahhh how refreshing.

Now, I did not train for this race. The only "training" I did was Thursday night when I hopped on the treadmill and ran 2.5 miles to see if I had it in me. Simple enough. It did the job and built up the confidence I needed to participate in the race. That being said, with the steady up hill pace I kept and the nice down hill ending, I cut 2 minutes off my time from my first 5k. That's right. 2 minutes!!!!! When the finish line came in sight, I saw the clock was just over 34 minutes. Holy moly! I can beat my time from the first race! So I sprinted the rest of the way and came in just seconds under 35 minutes on the clock. My chip time was 33:11.8. How cool is that??? That puts me at an average 10:34 pace. I really want to get to 10 minutes soon.

After I was finished and successfully walked around enough to keep from puking, I got in line for a water and half a banana. I stretched a little and went home.

This race was odd though. I didn't realize it would bother me, but everyone who had originally planned on doing this race with me forgot or had other plans come up. Mike had to work, and I didn't have enough notice to ask anyone to come watch. Plus, I felt bad asking someone to wake up at 6:30 to come watch me cross a finish line.

However, in the future I think I will ask someone. I never realized that having someone there to cheer for me and support me meant as much as it did. It was nothing like my first race where my husband was there, beaming with pride that his wife actually finished something she started. I was surrounded by over 6,000 runners and their cheering sections, and I felt totally alone. I got home, threw a pity party, and I cried. How strange. Why does it matter? I do these races for me, but having a support system really does make the experience even more enjoyable. So, next race I am definitely making sure there is someone there to talk to. And if not, I guess I need to step out of my shell a bit and talk to strangers. :/

And for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple photos from the event.

I believe that is the 10k time behind me

~Crazy Lo~