Friday, May 27, 2011

Warning: Pregnancy Story Inside

For those who are not interested in reading my tales of pregnancy, please skip this post.

I have received a request or two though about sharing some of my experiences. Eventually, I may start a second blog. But for now, I'm lacking the energy to design a new blog.

First things first, symptoms:

1. In the first trimester, one lacks energy.
2. The day revolves around food. The food you crave and the food you can keep down.
3. There is this thing called pregnancy brain. You see, when pregnant your brain is a liiiittle foggy, and strange things begin to happen.
4. All of the fellow moms who you were never friends with start crawling out of the woodwork. They try to suck you into the cult that I like to call the mommy club. This means unsolicited advice, tales of their previous miscarriages, among other unpleasant things. I vow never to facebook, blog, email or tell anyone but a doctor about my child's bowel movements. Best thing to do is ignore the mommy club.

My story today involves #3. Pregnancy Brain.

Every woman starts to experience what I like to call brain farts throughout their pregnancy. I start about 3 sentences before I finish one. I tell the same story to the same person twice, while forgetting to tell this important story to other important people in my life. I guess my best friends should probably know that I'm moving...

Earlier this week though, I had an extra special brain fart. When I was on my 5th trip to the bathroom Sunday evening (within probably a 2 hour window), I started with the same routine as the first 4 times. I ran frantically to the lieu, pulled up my fat dress, sat down and started a tinkling.

Do you notice there is a step missing here? There is. Halfway through the rain storm, I realized I still had my panties on. (I hate the word panties, I just really don't know what word is any better.) At this point in the shower, there was no stopping me.

Oy. I really liked those lacey beauties too.

So a grown woman...with a child coming...pissed her pants.

Hey, at least I haven't developed pregnancy tourettes in the form of cussing like a coworkers daughter has.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Mama Lo up to?

Packing up the old casa to move to the new casa in 9 days. In between that...just trying to keep all meals down and get some rest. Peanut is growing and making Mama sick. I am proud to say though that I have gone to work every day!

Peanut is what my husband has named Baby Lo by the way. And considering it is the cutest dang thing I've ever heard come out of his mouth, I think Peanut wins over Baby Lo. :)

What do you think? Does that look like a girl or a boy??

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Updated Blog - For my protection

Hi Friends,

I have gone through and deleted several posts that are a little too personal. Not too personal for most of you to read, because really what bought us together is weight loss and other shared interests.

Unfortunately, I have one reader who has been sharing things with her cousin from my blog without my knowing. This cousin is a friend of mine, but found out from my reader that I was expecting before Mike had the chance to tell him. Instead of asking us, he shared this news with some other friends of ours, and stole that very special moment from my husband. We are very hurt by this. Mostly by him, but I'm not going to lie, I'm a little hurt that I had someone following me all this time and she didn't even introduce herself before sharing my personal thoughts with a male friend.

With that said, I don't need my guy friends knowing my weight whether past, present or future. And clearly I can't trust readers not to share information. That's okay, lesson learned.

I am still going to blog, things just have to change a bit now. If I had one person who knew me in a round about way without my knowing they were following my blog, who else might "know me" that could potentially be dangerous to my family?

I hope most of you with whom I've built a relationship will stick around, and I will find plenty to write about and continue entertaining you. :) You just won't know what I weigh unless we speak through other, safer avenues.

Much Love,

Mama Lo