Monday, June 27, 2011

Adventures in Eureka Springs - Episode 1

This year for my birthday, I decided months ahead of time I didn't want to celebrate at the bar per the usual. It's not a lot of fun being hungover and forgetting most of my birthday, and last year I spent a majority of the celebration crying. With that said, I decided what would be better than to take a little mini-vacation with my sweet husband? I had heard from a lot of people that a place called Eureka Springs, AR was beautiful with lots to do. I took a TON of pictures, so I'm going to break this one up into a few posts.

First things first: Where we stayed

What's the fun at checking in to the local Motel 6 when you can sleep in the air? I did a little searching and came across for a reasonable price and a beautifully decorated room.

Are you really in a tree? No, not really. But you're in a cabin like building on some tree parts. :)


The treehouse was very nice and quite comfy for our stay. They were also located in a convenient but private location. Gated, even! The decor was warm and relaxing, the lighting was romantic, and no matter what time of year I think any loving couple would be happy to lock themselves up here for a few days. As a lady on her last leg of morning sickness, I appreciated the soft bed and wonderful air conditioning.

The owners were very nice and gave us a wonderful list of things to do and places to eat. Even specific recommendations on the menu for their favorite restaurants. We tried 3 of the places they recommended, and each was delicious.

If ever passing through Eureka Springs again, I would definitely stay here. Though, I'd love if they added a pool. :)

What is the coolest place you have ever stayed? Would you go back?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap with some Recipe Reviews

I had a lovely weekend in the new home. It was nice to be in town all weekend and sleep in my own bed each night. A bed that isn't surrounded by boxes, or utilizing one blanket because the rest of the bed is packed up. Life is good, and we are slowly turning this place into a home.

Saturday, I woke up and went to the farmers market in my new community. This was quite an impressive market compared to what I'm really used to. There were booths with baked goods, homemade jams, flowers, and of course fruits and veggies. I picked out some yellow squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I have a GIANT tomato in my kitchen that has BLT written all over it. God bless summer and fresh veggies. I chose a nice old couple's veggies, because they reminded me of my grandparents. My grandparents are in Iowa, and they have provided their small community with home grown vegetables out of their garage and farmers market for as long as I can remember. They took retirement as an opportunity to have a full time veggie store. And this, my friends, paid for them to go on one heck of a vacation every year. So if the veggies look good, go for the old folks friends. They deserve it.

I followed the farmer's market with a trip to Walmart where I stocked up on Father's Day gifts. Our daddios received Beer, Cards, Peanut Butter cups, and pretzel M&Ms. Honestly, we both have dads who buy themselves stuff when they need it. So we go for the things they want and will use er consume?

The rest of the day was spent with family for my father-in-law's birthday. This pale pregnant lady finally got some sun in the pool. I properly covered my upper body with sunscreen, but of course forgot the legs. I thought I would be standing in the swimming pool, but was sweetly provided with a raft. My legs were BURNT. Supah cute I must say. I am glad to finally have some color in my face. And this just in, I'm going back to blonde tomorrow. It has been over a year and a half, and I can't wait!

Sunday we had our padres over for lunch. I must say, the very best part of my new house, besides the dual head shower, is the kitchen. After packing, moving, traveling and dealing with all of the weird things that come with the first trimester, I was super sick of eating out.

I have been cooking up a storm in my kitchen, with dinners ranging from the unimpressive hamburger helper and chicken helper to delicious pulled pork and meatloaf muffins. I'm going to tell you how to make pulled pork, because it literally took less than 5 minutes of my own time to prepare. In fact, I think I spent more time in the grocery aisle deciding which sauce to try.

For Father's Day, I purchased 3 pork loins that totaled 4.5 pounds. I placed those 3 pork loins in the crock pot with 3 cans of root beer and let it cook over night on low. In the morning, I drained the root beer, shredded the pork and placed the pork back in the crock pot with some delicious hickory & brown sugar BBQ sauce for a few more hours on low.

Our fathers were very pleased, so much so that my father in law went back for seconds. We had plenty left, and I fixed a pulled pork sandwich for lunch leftovers. I will make this again and again and again.

I also made meat loaf muffins from this nice lady's cook book that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I hope she was able to raise the money she needed for her surgery! They were quite tasty, and I can see myself changing it up depending on my mood.

She had a coffee cake recipe as well, but I failed miserably. It tastes fine, but looks strange. It's rather...flat. I'm not sure if my baking powder was expired or if I used the wrong kind of pan or what. I will try again though, because I lurrrve coffee cake.

What have you been cooking lately?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventures in Kansas City - my last drinkin' night out before the baby

I will always remember my last night out before I was pregnant. (Though some pieces of the night may be a bit fuzzy.) I remember Tequila Rose popping into my head a few times.

We drove around with family after a giant lunch at Jose Peppers. Jose Peppers was one of my FAVORITE restaurants in my most overweight days. I partake in a meal called the Spinada Enchiladas. It is spinach, enchilada, and a lot of CHEESE SAUCE. Man it's good. After Jose Peppers, we told our in-laws to hop in the car with us while we drove around to look at a builder's options, because we had just found out that trading was an option to get rid of our house and get into a new one. We had a few drinks, and by the time we got home Mr. Lo and I were feeling pretty "fun".

a.k.a. Buzzed...

So we decided to go to a place in Lee's Summit called the Peanut. (With a dd of course) I LOVE the Peanut. It is a fun atmosphere, lots of dancing drunk girls to watch, plenty of room to dance when I become one of the dancing drunk girls I laughed at earlier in the evening, and pretty cheap  beer. I find it ironic that the last night I drank was at the Peanut, and that is what Mike ended up naming our fetus.

I was at my lowest weight here. About 127-128. Just 2 pounds away from goal. I looked smokin that night. (Before this picture. This picture was after a few drinks when I suddenly didn't look like the goddess from the beginning of the evening.)

At the end of the night I ate my weight in Taco Bell. Thanks to Kyle for driving us there. Amazingly enough, I ordered the same meal as my 200 pound guy friends and finished like a champ.

And soon after, I found out I was pregnant. So, I will forever cherish this day of complete freedom and nonsense. I enjoyed it like it was my last night out with nobody to worry about but myself, and that's exactly what it was.

~Mama Lo~

You will always be my first baby. ♥

Isn't he beautiful? I'm such a proud mom.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Story of a Panicked mom-to-be Making an Impulse Buy for her Husband

Daddy Lo's birthday is coming up this July, and this man is not easy to shop for. He has expensive hobbies and tastes.

I find myself on this theme lately where I am thinking of all the things we need to do in the next 6.5 months before the baby comes when we can't just do whatever we want anymore. We went to Eureka Springs, AR over the weekend, and I saw all these families there doing stuff in the town. And I have to admit, after 1.5 days there, we were bored out of our ever loving minds. (The first couple days were cool though!)

I started to panic and thought, oh my gosh, is my life going to be filled with boring vacations for the next 10 to 15 years? Am I even going to go ON vacations for the next 10 to 15 years? I started planning cool places we could go with a child in my head, and realized none of those involved things like "all inclusive alcohol" or "Triple 7 casinos" or "Thunder from down unders." I'm okay with this, but it was truly motivation for me when I got home to make the best of our time alone now, because that alone time is about to become VERY limited. It motivated me to do the things we really want to do now, because come January, this time isn't about Mike and Jamie anymore, it is all about Peanut.

This all leads me to this morning. I had planned on getting my sweet, deserving husband a playstation 3 or an xbox for his birthday, because he really likes Call of Duty. And the Wii really sucks when he plays it. Of course, in true Mike fashion, he ruined that idea by looking at computers online that come with a free xbox when you order it. WTF, really Mike?

SOMEHOW I ended up on a mailing list for Kansas City Chiefs season ticket deals, and after deleting for several months, I decided to purchase my sweet, deserving husband season tickets today. I made this decision on a whim, in a matter of minutes, and without TOO much thought.

Am I rich? no. Was it the BEST investment of my money? no. Will we get to go to Chiefs games every weekend in the next few years? no. Will I be wife of the year for this? YES. I'm pretty sure he will be willing to allow me to sleep instead of prodding me for sex on my hormonal nights, because this gift is so much better than sex to a man. Well, if they have a good season that is.

Ask me tomorrow if I have buyer's remorse when this purchase shows up on my credit card. I have a feeling my hormones may have motivated this one.

And to those who know me outside of blog land, please do not tell Mike that I bought these tickets. We have a little over a month until his birthday, and I don't want this surprise to be ruined!

Go Chiefs!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Help a Sista out!

The attached links will take you to a woman's blog and donation websites to assist her in paying to have excess skin removed after losing 200 pounds!! She did it ON HER OWN after a terrible car accident and injury. The surgeon will be doing the surgery for free, she just has to raise $14,000 to pay the other fees involved. Even if you can't donate, I suggest you take a look at this gal's blog, because her story is truly amazing.

Erins blog:

Watch her news story below:

Fundraiser page

Book specific - her cook book for sale to help raise money:

Thanks peeps!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scare me much??

With this being my first pregnancy, it doesn't take a lot to freak me out. I've had several people feel the need to tell me about their miscarriages and repeatedly remind me that I'm at risk during my first trimester. Awesome. Pushing the negativity out is extremely difficult when I'm full of hormones. My hormones haven't been too crazy, but when I think about losing this amazing little being inside of me, I get obsessively upset.

Today was our second doctor's appointment. I am 10 weeks, and today was the day to listen for a heart beat. The doctor pulled out the monitor and after lots of moving and pushing, he found no sound. We waited for about 20 minutes and he tried their ancient stoneage ultrasound machine. He warned us up front it probably wouldn't work. After all of this, with a bit of urgency in his tone, he scheduled me to go to the hospital for an ultrasound. The hospital is MAYBE 5 minutes away from my doctor's office if you hit every single stop light. This trip felt like 5 hours. I was so close to tears thinking that maybe everyone was right. Maybe I wasn't going to meet this baby.

My sweet husband reassured me that "it's just a little guy!" and "Peanut is just being stubborn!" and that I shouldn't worry. There is no telling a first time mom not to worry.

We arrived at the hospital, filled out some paperwork, and went into the ultrasound room. The tech asked why we were there, and I looked at her with tears in my eyes and said, "they couldn't find the heart beat." She did a little shuffling around and pointed at the screen. "See that flicker? That is your baby's heart beat. Your baby has a heart beat." SIGH OF RELIEF. I said, "OH GOOD!" To which my husband laughed at me for being so panicked.

We got to see the baby move, the tech confirmed I was at 10 weeks, and we were sent home with our souvenier picture. I feel so much better. After seeing the HEALTHY heart beat (156 per minute!) and the HEALTHY development of our baby, those people who want to try to fill any woman's head with the negative thoughts of miscarriage can honestly GO AWAY! Seriously. Stop being so insensitive.

And without further ado, here is my precious little Peanut. It really does look like a peanut now. :)

Peanut is the little blob that looks like it is lying on it's back at the bottom of the kidney bean. :)

~Mama Lo~

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weight Loss - I kind of miss it

'Tis an odd feeling to miss working towards a goal of weight loss. I feel like I've been on this healthy eating and exercise train for so long, it has started to become difficult to stand on the podium and watch the weight loss train fly by. I miss running. I miss tracking what I eat. (Yes, you have to eat healthy during pregnancy, but the first trimester is mostly focused on keeping your food down.) I miss sweating on the elliptical or spin class to burn 700 calories in an hour. I miss the things that proved to me my strength. This is just one of many pieces of a woman's identity we give up during pregnancy. Everything around me has changed and so quickly at that. But really, I have to remember that I'm building a baby. Cell by cell, breath  by breath. What is more challenging than that?

This last weekend we moved into what I would call my dream home. I never thought I'd be in a house like this, let alone at the age of 25. I never thought I'd be so happy with a husband, a job, my family and my friends. I'm so blessed that I'm slightly stressed. I'm stressed because I look around me and see the suffering of others and wonder how I can possibly deserve all of these wonderful things. This really is a humble journey I'm on.

People around me keep asking me how I am feeling. I really don't know. I don't know how to put into words the things that I feel. I know that my dreams have come true, and I've been handed amazing things from the good Lord above that were beyond my heart's desires.

I wish I could capture this time in my life and put it in a bottle to spread around to people who need some sunshine.

What are you thankful for today?

~Mama Lo~