Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boy oh boy oh boy oh BOY

Get it??

It's a baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it!

I'd just like to blow raspberries at all the people out there who think they know better than me and that they are baby psychics. C'mon now, Mama always knows best!

Or so I've heard. I'm still learning. There may be something to this mother's intuition stuff though.

Who wants to hold my credit card while I get past this initial excitement?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy Eats: Favorite Chicken Salad

I decided to start documenting more of my recipes and staples. Mostly for my benefit so that when I'm losing creativity in the kitchen, I'll be able to visit my own blog.

This is one of the easiest meals I make. It's quick, it's tasty, it's appropriate for all seasons. It is also a meal that I make "to taste" which means I don't measure.

Chicken salad:

Canned chicken (I use 12 oz cans)
Light mayo
Dijon mustard
Lemon juice

Open and drain canned chicken

Swat cat away

Cover chicken with mayo, 1 good squeeze of Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, 3count squeeze of lemon juice.

Chop pickles. (Notice my pampered chef chopper. Best invention ever.)

Mix all ingredients together with a fork so the chicken shreds some. Serve on whole wheat bread or throw on top of a lettuce salad.

I followed the same process with tuna.

My husband gobbles this stuff up like it's better than steak.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Investing yourself in others

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt.

Easier said than done Mrs. Roosevelt. I would love to keep myself from allowing others to hurt me. My biggest fault is caring what others think and feel. I want to please everyone. I don't want enemies. I don't want to lose friendships that at one time or another meant so much to me.

Hell, I'm surprised with that way of thinking that I ended up with such a wonderful man instead of an unhealthy relationship.

I think it comes down to making investments. I don't want to invest myself in a relationship for 10 years only to say, "oh well, we're just not meant to be friends anymore." I have a hard time swallowing that. But, that IS life, isn't it? Friends come and go.

But do they come and go?

Sometimes they come, and they half leave, but not fully, and you wish they would just be gone. It's like when we were kids running in and out of the house, slamming the door each time. And mom would yell, "IN OR OUT!"

How do you say that to a friend in regards to your relationship? I'd love to say "IN OR OUT" in the most diplomatic way possible. So how do I do that?

"If you aren't in my life as a friend anymore, I don't want any communication with you." That doesn't seem right either.

I'm a shoe hoarder. They may be worn, they may have holes in the bottom, I may have to superglue the soles every time I wear them, but I can't throw them out. Because they were my FAVORITES. My husband wants me to throw them away. Much like he wants me to throw away some of these friendships.

Exhausting subject to think about. 

What do you think e-friends?


And at work no less....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4:45 AM

That is the time I was eating cheesecake and wishing I could sleep this morning. I wake up around 3:00AM 3 to 4 times a week, and when I lay back down become congested from allergies. I toss and turn until my nose stops draining from side to side, and often lie in bed trying every sleep trick in the book to turn my brain off. Last night was one of those lovely nights and probably the worst yet.

Work is crazy busy right now, so on top of the tossing and turning, I could not stop thinking about work and worrying about everything I had to get done. Around 4:00AM I finally got out of bed, went to the kitchen for some milk, and started a list of things to do today. And I even put it to a schedule so I make myself do what I said I was going to do. My cats tried to help me with my list. :)

I proceeded to watch my fat cat paw at the spots on the hard wood floor. In his nocturnal stupor, he thought the normal dark wood spots were bugs, and proceeded to pounce and lick random spots on the floor. He's so special. :)

I packed my lunch for the day (forgetting today was free pizza day at work) and finished my early morning rendezvous wish a few bites of cheesecake that my lovely childhood friend brought over for me.

I went back to bed around 5, and tried to hypnotize myself back to sleep. I kept telling myself, just fall asleep and get 1.5 hours of sleep. That's all you need. You'll be fine. Things would creep into my mind, and I would picture large hands pushing all of the thoughts out of my brain. I'd literally picture the word Sleep over and over in my head.

Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

The bright side: I had cheesecake at 4:45 AM and I've gotten a LOT accomplished at work today.

What do you do on sleepless nights to help yourself fall asleep?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

EASY Berry Cobbler

I read a recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Living a Changed Life, recently for an extremely easy berry cobbler. It is weight watchers friendly too, for those who love something sweet but wouldn't mind saving some calories.

You can find the original recipe here.

Basically you line a 9x13 pan with two bags of frozen mixed berries (or fruit of your choice), sprinkle 1 package of white cake mix over the berries, and pour diet sprite slowly over the top. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes at 350 degrees.

What I did different: I am not a fan of tart berries, and the berries I had are pretty tart by themselves. So, I sprinkled splenda over the top of the berries before adding cake mix. I also didn't have white cake mix, so I used some lemon that I had. I ended up with a delicious lemon berry cobbler!

Prepare to drool:

Have you ever tried desserts using diet soda, black beans, or something else interesting? What is your favorite concoction so far?

The last month in pictures

Oh hai! I guess since I finally have a new computer and have been loading pictures on the computer, I can share some pictures with you! I have some belly pics and other random stuff to share.


Yours truly on the 4th of July

At 17 or 18 weeks

Friend's ADORABLE baby. Don't you just LOVE his hat?

My cat helping Mike clip coupons

19 weeks

20 weeks

20 weeks with arms down

Our first Chiefs game in our season ticket seats!

A couple things to note: We have begun clipping coupons. Nothing too exciting, but we save on things like toilet paper, laundry detergent, and most importantly....diapers.

For Mike's birthday this year, I bought him season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs. Oh man, I'm pretty sure I'm wife of the year for that one. His reaction was priceless, and I am so happy I surprised him for once!! Finally, something he really likes!!

Next up: Berry Cobbler

My strange addiction

I luuuurve some Wasabi. And these are probably one of my favorite snacks. I don't know what it is, but I like to torture myself with food. Chili? The redder my face gets, the better. Buffalo Wild Wings? Medium sauce please! Sushi? Give me enough Wasabi to clear out my sinuses. When my husband's grandma brought these to my attention years ago, I couldn't help but try them, love them, and form an addiction to them.

Many people turn their nose up at the label, whatever. More for me.

The lighting in my work place does wonders for my hair, no?

In other news, I discovered a new radio station in Kansas City that is run out of Westport. They have the most random, wonderful selection of music I've heard in a long time. It is Alice 102.1 if any locals are interested. Case in point: They just finished playing some old school Fiona Apple. I'm in love!

And in other other news, I get to meet up with an old neighbor/childhood friend this evening. She's bringing her daughter to see me and my pregnant self, which is the most surreal experience yet. My trampoline jumping, prank calling, bike riding, neighborhood exploring, boy crazy, swimming pool friend is bringing her baby. And in just a few months, I'll have a baby to play with her baby. And we'll sit back like our mothers, drinking sweet tea, while we watch them play. Is this real life?

Monday, August 15, 2011

I smell a gold digger!

I went from running 5k's as a hobby to sitting on my couch watching endless hours of Big Brother and Sons of Anarchy.

Exhibit A:

This has caused my ass to grow in record breaking time, along with my belly. Okay, the belly is growing because of the baby too. My sweet husband has complained that his belly is growing right along with mine, causing his pants to be too tight.

Exhibit B:
Like his sweet hand me down camo?

The only exercise I've really made a habit of getting is laughter. Specifically at damnyouautocorrect.com on my lunch adventures with coworkers.

Exhibit C:

So after some swelling legs and huffing my way through Arrowhead Stadium on Friday night, I decided I HAVE to get out and walk. Yesterday we received a gift from the good Lord and got a break from extreme heat. It was gorgeous outside.

This was really my first time walking in my new community, so I decided to walk on the nice sidewalks outside of my neighborhood. It is usually pretty busy, so I felt safe out there. The road is quite hilly, and is 1.5 miles from my house to the end of the main road. Perfect for future 5k training!

The sidewalk runs along a decent trafficked road, so I got some good people watching in. I love the beauty of a good running trail, but people watching has its many perks as well. Like watching the "invisible" people picking their noses in their car. I love that.

I realized 3 things while on this walk:

1. My frequency of peeing to mileage ratio needs to be considered when choosing my walking route. I got about .75 miles away from home and realized I had to pee like no other. And somehow, by the grace of God, I held it until I had all 3 miles under my belt.

2. The one thing that really motivated me to exercise so much before was counting the calories I burned. They say to find activity you like so you'll stick with it. It turns out that the calorie burn was the activity
I liked. It was a game to me. The more calories I burned, but better I felt about working out. I'm not a leisurely walk for fun kind of girl. I guess you could say it is symbolic of my life. I walk with purpose. I don't dilly dally around. Obviously it isn't healthy to care about the calorie count when I'm pregnant, so I'm going to have to learn how to find enjoyment in a relaxing walk.

3. There are 2 yards along this road that are homes to big dogs, with big turds, that one can smell through the fence. Yikes. Their yard, they can do what the want. But holy moly, that shit stinks! (Note to self, if I ever get a dog I must invest in a pooper scooper.)

How do you find enjoyment in exercise? Do you pay attention to the calories you burn?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A couple crappy phone pictures and some lamesauce news

This is the best way to start a Monday. Leftover Breakfast Burrito insides with some torn up tortilla mixed throughout. We shall call it a Breakfast Burrito Scrambler.

This is my latest purchase. Borders is closing in my town, so I got myself a sweet Running Planner for 2012. This Mama will be back in shape and running again by Spring.

And this is a beautiful trail in the area. I absolutely love it. I have ridden my bike on it many times, ran 4 miles for the first time on this trail, trained myself back to a healthy knee on this trail, and I find a lot of peace in this area in the fall. And then some asshole had to go and shoot someone running on the trail. The motive? The shooter wanted the runner's water belt. I don't know if he thought the runner had money in the belt or what.

Lamesauce. :(

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Linguine with Fresh Tomato Sauce

I really wanted to wait and post this recipe when I took a picture of it. But being the fatty pregnant chick that I am, I inhale my food and forget to take pictures most of the time.

So here it is. Probably the freshest tasting pasta dish I've ever had, and I will probably make it twice a month. It is really that good.

1 pkg linguine
2 cans italian style diced tomatoes
1 can fresh diced tomatoes (drain)
whole container FRESH basil (or about 8 big leaves cut up)
2 clove garlic (chopped) or 2 tsp minced garlic
2 T olive oil (I used more...to taste)
pinch salt & pepper (to taste)
1 can sliced black olives (I used minced or crushed and used about half the can. Not a huge olive person.)
1 container feta cheese

Combine all sauce ingredients in large bowl while boiling noodles.


My husband hates tomatoes, but he enjoyed this dish. I will make again and again and again. And I'm sure I'll tweak it along the way. I used a small container of feta, but I will probably add more feta in the future. Might be good with some crushed red pepper for a little kick as well.