Thursday, December 22, 2011

5 Days Left until BABY!

As I'm sure you understand, I didn't do much of a countdown for Christmas this year. I will celebrate the birth of Christ, but as far as getting excited about presents and eating obnoxious amounts of food with family, I could care less.


My induction is scheduled in 5 days. Tuesday, the 27th I will get to hold my precious baby boy, unless he decides to make an appearance on his own before then.

To entertain you with the last of my pregnancy annoyance stories, here are the best I've received lately.

Obnoxious Coworker to me yesterday:
OC stops dramatically in the parking lot and says, "Do you feel that??? The ground is shaking!"
Me: Confused look.
OC: "Oh, nevermind, that's just you walking."

Another Coworker yesterday:
Cue hysterical laughing. "OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE SO BIG!"
Cue sad Jamie face. "Oh, I thought I looked pretty good and mostly belly."
"Oh no, I think you're even bigger than 2 days ago! HAHAHA."
Blank Stare.
"I noticed too that your face is getting puffy and swollen."
"Huh, I really thought I was looking pretty good for 38 weeks pregnant. My ankles aren't swollen and my eyes aren't even squinty."
"Oh well, I just know how miserable it is when you're this far along. You look ready."
"Actually, I feel pretty good. I'm not even waddling."
"Oh well, I didn't mean anything by it."
Readers. The lesson here is that no matter if someone is pregnant or not, they don't want to be told they are big, puffy, swollen, etc. Those terms are associated with being unattractive, and pregnant women still have feelings about their appearance.

Coworker #3 this morning:
Cue laughing again. "OH MY GOODNESS! You are about to POP! I don't think you could get much bigger!"
Me: Blank stare. Walk away without responding.

Now for some POSITIVE comments I received from complete strangers over the weekend.
At the car dealership:
Nice lady walks in as the gentlemen working on our transaction had left the room.
"Hi! Since the guys aren't in here, I just wanted to tell you how adorable you are. You are absolutely glowing. Is this your first baby?"
"Yes! Thank you so much. That is so nice to hear."
"When are you due?"
"Two weeks."
"Oh, you are so blessed. I had my baby 2 months early and didn't get to experience the sweet belly and carry my son to term. Congratulations!"

At a restaurant waitress to me as I'm being walked to my table:
"You are so CUTE!"

Life will be very different in 5 days. Mr. Lo's and my lives are changing, and it will never be the same. I'm filled with emotions of excitement, anticipation, anxious about the future and what kind of parents we'll be, and pretty much every other emotion possible. I can't wait to document and tell all of my expecint mom friends on here about the experience.

Merry Christmas everyone!

~Mama Lo~

Monday, December 12, 2011

37 Weeks

Yesterday marked 37 weeks in my pregnancy. Our baby is *officially* full term now! If he were born today, he would "thrive" and we'd all live happily ever after. So with that said, COME ON OUT little boy!! Mama's ready for you.

This week's symptoms:
1. I am pretty sure I'm carrying a bowling ball in my pelvic area. And it hurts.
2. Rolling over in bed has become a true chore. To the point where I honestly debate for a few minutes about whether it is worse to have a numb hip or shoulder rather than enduring the pain of rolling over.
3. Pants. Pants are the worst things in the world to try to put on. While I do appreciate being pregnant when it's cool outside because of the internal heater I have, I would love to just throw on a sun dress and head to work every day. (Picture a sumo wrestler preparing for a match and you are envisioning me put my my pants on every morning.)
4. Stretch marks. Yep, I have them now. And they make me incredibly depressed. I am vain enough to say that if they don't go away, I have located and plan on meeting with someone to do some laser treatments down the road.
5. I was so incredibly lucky not to have really bad morning sickness in my first trimester. Beware ladies, if you had it easy then, the third trimester may not be so nice to you.
6. I'm tired all the time, and I can't sleep in.
7. I've lost my mind. The pregnancy brain thing is true. Last week at work, I was going through my normal routine. I picked up my water mug, my oatmeal packet, and my coffee mug to head out to the kitchen. Except, instead of the coffee mug, I grabbed my computer mouse and just about ripped my entire computer off my desk.
8. My legs literally look like tree trunks. It feels really good to stretch and go for a walk, but I don't walk far because of the almost immediate fatigue.
9. I also don't walk far because I have to pee after walking about 25 feet due to the weight of the baby on my bladder.

And last but not least:

I also thought I would mention that I've lost weight since last week, and I'm not seeing my normal doctor who scolds me today. Go figure.

Everyone please say some baby prayers for me! I would love to go into labor this week so we can have baby home and settled before Christmas. Now, let's find out what God's plans are. :)

~Mama Lo~

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Friday, December 9, 2011

#WEverb11 - Learn

I think it is pretty obvious that I'm at a point in my life where I'm doing  lot of reflecting and preparing for my future with Mr. Lo and BabyLo.

#3: Learn
What lesson did you learn in 2011 from “The School of Life” rather than a classroom?

I learned a lot of lessons this year as I've going through pregnancy and other life changing events. The most important thing I've learned from the school of life are some of the things that REALLY matter and some of the things that DON'T.

You may recall that I lost my uncle this year, and I was there for a week just before he died and there when he took his last breath. 3 days short of being 57 years old, my uncle lost his life. I began living mine when this happened. I learned the importance of letting go of all things that take precious minutes that could be used on happiness away from your life. And in the process, I've created some parameters to qualify what determines cause for letting go.

1. If it is damaging to your health, heart, mind, soul, or causes you to lose sleep because of worry, you should let go.

2. If an individual purposely hurts you, gives you the silent treatment or cold shoulder, exhibits behaviors of being mad at you but won't tell you why, it is time to let go.

3. If there is an issue that you thought was important enough to hold a grudge against someone or keep a wall up, ask yourself one question. Will this issue matter if this person were to die tomorrow?

If the answer is yes, you would still be upset with them, it's time to let the PERSON go.

If the answer is no, in the grand scheme of things you would feel tremendous guilt for holding the grudge and wasting precious time in your relationship, it is time to let the ISSUE go.

4. If you awake each day and find it is hard to face yourself in the mirror, it is time to let your behaviors go. YOU have the power to change who you see in the mirror every morning.

~Mama Lo~

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You can't BUY beauty like THIS

Some of my favorite maternity pictures for your viewing pleasure. :) I thought it was imperative that I had these done when I did, because I thought gosh, I'm just going to get fatter and these will look like crap. Wouldn't you know in the last few weeks my arms and face have thinned out and most of my weight has shifted to my belly? Whatevs, these are still amazing pictures because they involve MY baby.

I also had a doctor's appointment today and saw my normal doctor. He scolded me AGAIN about my weight gain. I've only gained 3 lbs in 5 weeks and THANKSGIVING was in that 5 weeks. I don't know what this man expects from me.

Monday, December 5, 2011

36 Weeks

We are 36 weeks pregnant now! I could pop any day now and the baby would be fine. :) I dropped the Friday after Thanksgiving. Wow, that was painful! I went from bragging about feeling good and having an easy pregnancy to having to hold my belly anytime I stand up LITERALLY over night. BUT hearing the baby has dropped is excellent news as that is one of the signs that labor is coming. Everyone is different, but on average women go into labor 2 to 4 weeks after the baby drops.

I have also developed a bit of 3rd trimester morning sickness. I was very sick on Friday night, and I'll spare you the details. I will tell you however, movie theater popcorn loaded in butter and a huge bottle of water may not be the best idea.

I spent all weekend inside. Once I walked in the door on Friday night, I didn't leave until it was time to come to work this morning. Saturday I spent the day on the couch. I finally did something productive Saturday night. I can't WAIT to share the project I started Saturday night with you. I made a photo book that uses our engagement, wedding and maternity photos to show how our love and family has grown. I'm so excited to get the final product!!

Yesterday, I spent the day in bed until about 4:00. I still wasn't feeling well, and I went downstairs to eat and read a book for just a couple hours before I went back to bed. Today, I am so happy I took the weekend to rest. My body really needed it.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so hopefully he will check to see if I have dilated or made anymore progress. Just 3 weeks until we induce if I don't go into labor earlier!! I can't wait to meet Baby Lo.

Oh, PSA real quick- Papa Murphy's Stuffed Chicken, Bacon and Tomato pizza is amazing. However, after eating my feet swelled so bad I couldn't bend my toes. I literally had Princess Fiona's feet. HELLO SODIUM!! 

How are all of my fellow preggo sauces feeling??