Monday, February 6, 2012

Reunited and it Feels So Gooood

With what you may ask?


Wow, who knew I would ever be excited to be huffing, puffing, and waddling along on a treadmill? I am though. I am so, so very excited.

Thursday was the big day I was cleared to resume activities as normal. When I asked my doctor if there was anything I couldn't do, he said, "Nope, you are young. You'll bounce right back. The only thing you can't do is go to the bar and get wasted...cuz you're a mom now." Ha, ok, I think I like my doctor after all.

I had been walking for a little over a week before I was cleared to really exercise. So I knew I could do that much and was building a bit of confidence. Friday, I hopped on the treadmill, walked, ran 6 minutes without stopping, and walked some more. Saturday, I ran 6 minutes again, took a walk break, ran another 2. TONIGHT, I set a goal. A crazy goal.

Remember the girl who hated running? The one who never had the desire, stamina, or confidence to run? I was so scared I would be that girl again after I had a baby. A girl full of excuses. A girl with 30 pounds to lose and a million reasons why I "couldn't" lose them.

Thankfully, I'm not that girl. I hopped on the treadmill tonight, walked 10 minutes, and said, "Self, try to run a mile. Just TRY."

So I ran a mile.


And I think this mile might possibly mean more to me than that very first mile 2 years ago. This mile means so much to me, because I still got it. I love my son more than anything in this entire world. But this mile tells me I have found a piece of Jamie again. Jamie as an individual. Not Jamie as a mom, wife, coworker, daughter, or friend. Just Jamie. Jamie who sets her mind to something and finds a way to do it.

So now, being that I'm not using Couch to 5k or anything, I'd like some opinions.

For my training this time around, should I keep my slower pace and increase distance? Or should I keep my distance and increase speed, adding distance later? I have a 4 mile race at the end of April to prepare for, and I'd like to be able to run the entire thing. All opinions are appreciated.

I can't wait to be this girl again. This is my goal in 2012.

~Mama Lo~