Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weigh in Thursday

Thursdays are my weigh in day on weight watchers, and wouldn't ya know, I was right not to stress about the extra pounds showing up during TOM. They are now gone, and I'm happy to report I've lost 4.2 pounds since Sunday when I joined.

Thank you water.
Thank you veggies.
Thank you weight watchers.

Now I'm starting my first full week back on the program, and I'm excited to see how it goes.

Notes about my first days on the program: I did struggle to eat all of my points at first. Adding in oil and dairy helped of course. I love vegetables, never had a problem with them, but making myself snack on them throughout the day has helped activate my appetite. Oh, and I LOVE celery. (I just don't like the way it sounds in my head when I chew on it. Re: Yesterday's post.)

And what is this you may ask?

This is just a little something I threw together last night for dinner.

1 Large Burrito Tortilla
1 5 oz can chunk light tuna
1/4 cup taco flavored shredded cheese
2 Tablespoons reduced fat sour cream
1/2 cup salsa

Put all items listed in a tortilla and made a little quesadilla in the skillet. Who would have thought a tuna quesadilla would be tasty?

My husband wasn't a fan, but he made due with his own little cheese quesadillas.

I've gotten in 2 runs this week, and hope to do a little yoga this evening. More to come on the subject of running soon.

~Mama Lo~

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Hate the Sound of:

... pantyhose snapping
... any object puncturing styrofoam
... my family members crying
... someone doing the throat snort before they hawk a loogie
... extra high pitched baby talk
... swish pants
... my knees grinding
... how it sounds in my head when I chew celery
... the buzz of lights in the office
... someone lighting a cigarette

~Mama Lo~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Glorious Moment

That Glorious Moment When...

... You remember the value of vegetables on the Weight Watchers Plan
... And you have the restroom to yourself
... When you've uncovered a woman full of energy, because you've consumed your weight in water
... When your husband grills chicken for dinner
... When your husband grills extra chicken for your lunch
... When you reconnect with old friends who share a similar goal
... When you have a goal to work towards
... When you begin to see the kind of Mom you want to be, as you stroll around the block with your baby smiling that big gummy smile
... When you remember the joy of working out to better your fitness, and not just to lose pounds
... When you remember what healthy feels like, after months of swollen ankles, belly and numerous other aches and pains.

~Mama Lo~

Monday, March 26, 2012

3 MONTHS!?! Where did they go?

Baby Lo is 3 months today!!!

Nothing makes me happier than that smile.

~Mama Lo~

Weekly Challenges and Progress

Review of last week:
  • Wednesday goal: C25K -  I didn't get to run due to work, so I did Zumba that evening
  • Thursday goal: Elliptical - I made up my C25k
  • Elliptical Friday - Fail - didn't do anything
  • C25K Saturday - WIN! Baby Lo and I went out with the running stroller. Felt great.
  • Hangover Sunday - MEH, surprisingly I didn't feel too shabby!
Weigh in this morning:
I was right, those pounds stayed right where they were. There are a few factors, one being my friend TOM. I really didn't miss TOM while I was pregnant.

Challenges this week:
  • Get in 3 days of C25K
  • Start weight watchers - I will ellaborate on this  below
  • Eat more veggies
  • Do Biggest Loser Yoga once - I need to STRETCH!
Weight Watchers:
I told myself I would never diet again, and I won't. That's why I'm going to try weight watchers. I find myself eating very little these days, and I feel I need weight watchers to help me eat more. My menus have been lean shake for  breakfast, one of my frozen homemade soups for lunch, and random dinner. That isn't much. I'm not eating nearly enough fruits or vegetables, and if I'm going to up my fitness and get my running on track, my body needs fuel. Hopefully Weight Watchers will help me plan ahead more and get back into good habits. It's worth a try! My weigh in day is set for Thursdays, so here we go!

How was everyone's weekend? Did you get outside and enjoy some nice weather??

~Mama Lo~

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Working Mom

I have officially returned to work.

The days leading up to work were a bit of a roller coaster. The anticipation of leaving my baby with someone while I worked was horrible. I spent every single day for 12 weeks cuddling with this child, and now I was going to spend a full 9 hours away from him. I cried a few tears.

However, when the day arrived, I woke up with that first day of school excitement as well. I was going back to something I'm good at. To a place I'm needed. To adult conversations and a place to use my brain. I was pretty excited. If only we had on site daycare!

I dropped Baby Lo off at his baby sitter's house. He was fine, of course. I did a quick hand off and tried not to look back so I didn't dwell or cry. The drop off went well. Around noon I started missing him. I had been away from him for around 4 and a half hours, which was previously the longest I had ever left him. I went to the fitness center at work on my lunch break, hopped on the elliptical, worked off some anxiety, and text the babysitter when I was done. She told me he was doing great and that he was just finishing a bottle and enjoying some love time.

Love time.

How comforting to know he is in a place where they have love time. Someone is making my baby feel comfortable and safe when I'm not there to do that for him. I finally had the confidence that he would be okay without me.

Warning to future mom's: It is normal to feel a small twinge of jealousy too. Of COURSE you don't want your baby to love someone more than you. He won't. Don't worry. What you DO want is for your baby to feel love from lots of avenues so he builds self confidence and an overall happy feeling. Remember, the more love he receives, the better!

This week at work has been amazing. I do wish America was like some of my coworkers' situations in Europe. Every 5 years or so, they are REQUIRED to take 3 to 4 weeks IN A ROW to rest and recoup. I have returned to work with little frustration, feeling incredibly refreshed, and looking at things objectively instead of being caught up in the office politics and *feelings* that go along with it. It happens to all of us, but at the end of the day, it's business. Why do we let ourselves get so caught up in work to the point it ruins our day? Ah, if only we could all take a nice long maternity leave type break more often.

At the end of my first day, I was out of the building at 4:30 on the dot and couldn't WAIT to pick up and snuggle my baby! He looked so good when I picked him up! Happy as can be. He wasn't overstimulated or fussy that evening. He had a great day watching everyone and taking in his new surroundings. The stimulation was really good for him. He DID pass out really early and wake up in the middle of the night  for a feeding, but that is perfectly normal. We'll get past that.

In closing, (school paper anyone?) I found this glorious jar of numiness in my file cabinet, and have been noshing on celery and PB every day.

~Mama Lo~ 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekly Challenges and Progress

Hello there bloggers! Welcome to my weight loss journey. Again.

This week I was down 2 more pounds on Monday, and this morning when I peeked at the scale, I was up 3. I know it isn't 3 pounds of fat because:

1. I have eaten healthy, home cooked meals for every single meal. I've drank my lean shakes for breakfast, and haven't consumed an ounce of sugar packed soda.

2. I know my body may react to adding the elliptical back into my life as well as my new sleep and work schedule.

I'm not going to sweat it if those 3 pounds are still there Monday morning.

That reminds me, while pregnant I considered not weighing myself for a year. I was going to give myself a year to lose the baby weight. THEN I had the baby, saw myself in the mirror, and realized I was going to have to  make a true effort to lose weight. Set goals, work in a routine, and make a conscious go at it. Otherwise, I saw myself being very lazy. What can I say? Numbers motivate me.

That and the fact that I refuse to buy too many clothes when I still have clothes I bought at the beginning of my pregnancy, before I knew I was pregnant, that still have tags on them. :) I did buy a few items I can mix and match to get me by.

I have done 30 minutes on the elliptical Monday and yesterday.

Challenges for the rest of the week:
  • C25K today
  • Elliptical tomorrow
  • Elliptical Friday
  • C25K Saturday
  • Hangover Sunday
Yeah, I scheduled a hangover. We are going out for the first time since I've had Baby Lo and I predict even a couple of beers may leave me feeling less than stellar on Sunday.

On another note: I have returned to work and I am loving it. Yes, I wish my baby was hanging out with me in my office all day, but I am a career woman and I missed my job too. I have moments where I get a little bit of heartache, but I try my hardest to stay busy so I see my little baby sooner. He is doing WONDERFUL at daycare. I'm told he is an easy baby, and alert for his age. All I know is when I pick him up, I breathe in his baby scent, and I now know what love smells like.

Look at those blue eyes.

~Mama Lo~

Friday, March 16, 2012

Basketball jones

All I can say is I am so glad I'm normally working during march madness. I can't put myself through an upset like that again next year. Mizzou broke my soul today! Yes, I'm dramatic.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

27 Pounds

That is how much I have lost since I have been home with Baby Lo. 9 pounds were lost the first week, all water. The rest has been hard work and a short stint with breastfeeding. With that said, I'd like to set my first goal weight at 135, which is 18 pounds from here. I am returning to work next week, and I will be establishing routine again. So friends, you can look forward to reading about the fitness and weight loss journey of Mama Lo again. I am so excited! I started off with a day of cooking and freezing yesterday. I will post recipes soon! ~Mama Lo~

Monday, March 12, 2012

History Repeats Itself

A lot of people insisted our son only looked like Daddy Lo when he was born. As his cheeks have filled out and he's started smiling, I decided to pull out some of my old baby pictures. I think he looks a little like

Either way, he's a good lookin kid! Adorable and full of smiles these days.

~Mama Lo~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adventures of a New Mom - Favorite Baby Items

As the story goes, you get pregnant, have a shower or two, and receive a TON of cute baby clothes and other items. If you are anything like me, you don't know what half of the items do until baby arrives, and then you find things you still need as well as your favorites.

To help my new mommy readers, I wanted to share a few of MY favorite items. These are the items I couldn't get by without.

First - Sheet Savers

Babies spit up a lot, especially when you have fed them in the middle of the night, and put them back down to sleep. Unless you enjoy fighting the mattress out of the crib to change sheets several times a day, this handy dandy item is a must.

Find info here:
Second - Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottles

I started off nursing my baby, and had no education or ideas about bottles. I didn't know there were different flows of nipples or the importance of keeping air from passing through into baby's tummy. So, the first time I used a bottle, I had the wrong kind of nipple, had the bottom of the bottle twisted too loose, and milk was dumping all over my precious boy's face. Then I discovered these awesome bottles. They flow natural to come close to breast feeding. Baby determines how fast or slow the milk comes out. You don't have to worry about tightening the top or bottom of the bottle to get the air flow right. There is technology inside to take care of all of that for you.

Find info here:
Third - SleepSack Swaddle Blanket

You'll learn how to swaddle baby in classes or at the hospital, but if your baby is like mine, they'll often kick their way right out of the swaddle. I have quite the kicker on my hands. He loooves to move his little legs. So a nice alternative is the sleep sack, which zips and velcros the baby right in.

Find info here:
Last - Baby Swing

Holy moly. I didn't realize how important this one would be. At right around 6 weeks, Baby Lo began a spell where he would cry for 2 to 4 hours a night. For NO reason. He wasn't hungry, he didn't want to sleep, he didn't need to be changed. He was bored. Plain and simple. Finally, one Friday night, Daddy Lo and I were desperate and went to WalMart, towing the screaming baby with us, and bought a baby swing. There are swings ranging from $60 to more than $200. We went with the $60 model. It has some music, swings, battery operated, and a couple of stuffed animals hanging from a plastic mobile. The mobile is manual, meaning you have to stand there and turn it if you feel the need. But truthfully, Baby Lo is more interested in watching the poles of the swing move back and forth next to him than he is the mobile. When he does look at the mobile, he just moves his eyes back and forth between the two animals, interested in their shapes and colors.

A few things I DIDN'T Need:
Burp cloths. They make specific burp cloths, and some women make their own using diapers. Honestly, I carry a receiving blanket around with me all day to clean up all messes baby might make, and it does the trick just fine. I don't need to have a receiving blanket, burp cloth, etc. etc. lying around the house. (Trust me, it is difficult to find time to clean. Don't make more clutter for yourself.)

Winter Coat. Babies can't wear puffy winter coats in their car seat, because it doesn't allow the straps to get tight enough. You won't be sledding or playing in the snow with an infant. Some nice heavy blankets to tuck baby in will do just fine.

Let me know what some of your favorite items are as you discover them!

~Mama Lo~

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making life easier for new Mommy!

Hi friends! I am stopping in to let my expecting mom readers know about a great website. I have been ordering formula from also has sister sites.,, and Go to anyone of them and you see tabs at the top for the others. The best part is you share a shopping cart for all of the sites. They have free shipping on most orders, and I have always received my order the next day. When you have a baby, you find going to the store is sometimes difficult. So not only have ordered formula, but I've ordered cat litter, maxi pads, cat liners, baby wipes, and even things like soap, toilet paper and face wash. I found the formula is cheaper per ounce than walmart. You can also mail in coupons, and they will apply them to your next order. Happy shopping, and I hope you are all feeling wonderful! P.s. I was in no way paid by these sites to write this. I'm just so impressed with their prices and service I had to share. Mama Lo