Friday, April 27, 2012

And the Survey Says....

DOWN 1.7

Total weight loss on Weight Watchers: 10.2 pounds since 3/22/12

I Double Heart Weight Watchers

Wasabi Peas are by far one of my favorite snacks. I like wasabi in general, but I eat a third of a cup for 3 points, and they are very much worth it. Crunchy, spicy, mmmm.

Last night I did my last training run in preparation for the Trolley Run this Sunday. I ran/walked 4 miles in 49 minutes. If I can repeat this performance on Sunday, I'll be happy. This will be about 4 minutes slower than last year's Trolley Run, and as a woman with a 4 month old baby, I'm okay with that. Sometimes I have to remind myself that just because I LOOK normal again, I did have a baby just 4 months ago. I couldn't have done the Trolley Run this quick on less than 3 months of training 2 or 3 years ago, I should be proud of myself for bouncing back this quick.

So Mama Lo, you're awesome. Don't forget it.

As I was training last night, I was thinking, "why do I do this to myself? Do I like running at all? Or do I just sign up for these races to make myself run and lose weight? After this run on Sunday, I'm not going to stress myself out with too many races."

And then I got my race packet from my coworker this morning.

And I saw the flyer with upcoming races.

And I signed my husband and me up for a 5k on the 4th of July.

I'm such a hot mess sometimes.

A couple of things to note:

I MUST start eating more protein. My muscles keep telling me so as I run.
I MUST start adding strength training. I won't improve very much if I don't add strength.

~Mama Lo~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adventures of a New Mom - Typical Assumptions

Scenario One: Baby is drooling and chewing on his hands and other objects. Assumption from strangers: "He's teething."

Moms, is it possible baby could be teething? Yes. Is it possible baby now has saliva and doesn't know what to do with it? Even more so than teething at this age. Is it possible baby has discovered his hands, and naturally thinks they belong in his mouth? Yes, yes, yes.

Scenario Two: Baby has crying fits for no reason (happened to Baby Lo around 6 and 12 weeks of age). Assumption: Colic.

Nothing drives me crazier than people assuming a baby has colic because they're crying. Colic is actually more rare than not, and it involves hours upon hours of crying with NO breaks and NO relief for parents and baby. There are certain times when babies can go through growth spurts, become more alert to the world around them, and simply get bored. Sometimes they are discovering their voice and just feel like crying. Mom's, you will know your baby's cry and whether he/she is in pain, and whether he/she is just fussing. The biggest thing to know is that it is OKAY for babies to cry.

Those are my two pieces of advice for the day, and that leads me to the real reason I'm writing one of my New Mom posts. I have new pictures!

Concentrating hard and figured out how to get Mr. Bear in front of him.

Something new to chew on

Those who say babies don't dream haven't seen this kid when he's having a bad one.

~Mama Lo~

Weekly Challenges and Progress

Let's see, where do I even begin? I'm a bit behind on my updates, so I'll start with my weight loss.

Last week I lost 1.2
The week before I lost 0.9

This means I've met my 5% goal, and I need to set a new one!! Whoo hoo! I've lost 8.5 pounds total since I've returned back to work! I'm excited to see what my weigh in this week brings.

  • Complete the Trolley Run in 50 minutes or less on Sunday. I'm going to try an interval run. I've never done run-walk intervals, and I'm excited to see how I do. I'm doing a test run tonight.
  • Cook something - I've been lazy in the kitchen. Eating lots of salads.
  • Fold some laundry - I'm living out of a basket of clean laundry. (Ok, I realize this isn't weight loss related, but I really need to do this.)
Here are some photos from yesterday's run.

This is a pretty hefty hill, thought I've come to realize photographing a hill is kind of difficult.

Old farmhouse in the middle of the neighborhood. Original owners of the land a bunch of houses have been built on.

Old shed. Isn't it amazing that we can look at a mess like this and see a beautiful photo?

~Mama Lo~

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Allergies

I'm just going to say now, I haven't worked out since Saturday and I won't be meeting my fitness goals this week. Why?


The curse of allergies is upon me in full force. It took a whopping day of allergies and I already have a sinus infection.

Even so, I'm on track for at least a 1lb loss from my glance at the scale this morning. We'll see what tomorrow's weigh in brings!

I have finally made an appointment with an allergist, but I can't get in until May 1st. I will finally know exactly what I'm allergic to, and hopefully we'll come up with a better treatment than visitng Walgreens every 10 to 15 days for Claritin D. Which, by the way, thank you meth heads of the world for making it such an ordeal for me to buy my Claritin. I just looooove waiting while the cashier runs my driver's license through a national database to make sure I'm not buying too much Claritin and cooking meth. Ridiculous.

~Mama Lo~

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Good Run

Runners, novice and experienced, can all probably remember the first GOOD run in their training. You can have several "first" good runs, depending how many times throughout your running life you take a hiatus from running.

Saturday was my first GOOD run. I've been so hard on myself for not being at the pace and performance I'd like to be. Somewhere in my head I thought I could put a timeline on how long it would take me to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy. I thought for SURE by 3 months post pregnancy I'd be in good shape and averaging an 11 minute pace again. Then, I found even a 12 minute pace was a challenge.

Until Saturday.

Saturday was a day of perfects. Perfect amount of fuel in my body. Perfect weather conditions. Perfect breathing. Perfect muscle strength. Perfect playlist on the iPod. Saturday, I finally had the run that empowered me to keep running. Saturday was the first day I finally, and I do mean FINALLY, enjoyed running again.

I was set to go for a run with my siter-in-law while she was in town. I didn't eat much through the morning, because I find the lighter I feel the less likely I am to get cramps or loss of breath. I was truly nervous to go running with her, with anyone really, because I have felt so slow and sluggish when I've gone running. She told me she was averaging 12 minute miles, and I'd been struggling to get much below 13.

We hit the pavement around 2:00. I had consumed a lean shake, banana, 2 cups of cofee, string cheese, and a granola bar. I also had around four 20oz bottles of water. It was misting outside, and the temps were in the high 50's/low 60's.

We walked one warm up lap, and started running from my neighborhood, out to a main road, went down a large hill, and started climbing hill one of two. The climb wasn't bad at all, and I flew down the other side. The climb up hill two wasn't too bad, just a little more challenging. I reached the top, stopped my watch, and started stretching. My time was just over 12 minutes. I had started my watch when we did our warm up walk, which is about a third of a mile. This means I RAN the first mile under a 10 minute pace. HOLY MOLY!!!! I was so excited!!

My sister in law and I did a little body check, talked about the challenge of the hills so far, and started back to where we came from. The way back is harder, because the hill you start out on a decline heading TO the destination is quite steep. This helps me to have a great time for my first mile, because I literally fly down the hill. The climb back up, however, is still very challenging for me at this point, and I do have to stop and catch my breath by the time I reach the top. But my goal on Saturday was to run all the way to the top without walking. And I DID IT! I kept my eyes focused just a couple of feet in front of me so I couldn't see how far I had to go. Before I knew it, mile 2 was over and I had run my second mile at an 11:05 pace.

Crazy Lo is back! When I ran my first 5k a year and a half ago, I was at an 11 minute pace. Now, if I can just get back to running that third mile, I'll be one HAPPY girl. The most important thing about this run is I realized with a little practice, suffering through a few tough runs, and getting negative thoughts out of my head, I can do anything.

Reflections about the week leading up to my "good run":

1. I ran the same route Thursday before, so my muscles and my brain had some practice. (This comes from the school of thought, if you've done it once you can do it again.)
2. I added in 30 day shred to my routine to start implementing strength training.
3. I ate like a rock star, fueling myself with mostly natural foods.
4. When I set out to run, most of the "noise" that Bethenny Frankel talks about in her books was nowhere to be seen. I set out running without a thought or care in the world. I just...ran.

So where do I go from here? Keep my pace and try to get that third mile under my belt in the next couple of weeks. And by the end of summer, I want to run an entire 5k at a 10 minute pace. This was my goal before I got pregnant, and I'm determined to meet it.

With that said, Daddy Lo and I have signed up for 2 races this summer and fall. The first is Rock the Crossroads in July. It's a nice loop downtown, starting and ending at a bar. Shwing!

The second is The Rugged Maniac October 27th. Honestly, I'm wondering why the HELL I let my husband talk me into this one. It's just a 'lil 'ol 5k with 18 obstacles, mostly involving mud. Oh, and there is some rope climbing involved, which means I need some upper body strength. Shet.

And don't forget, I have the dreaded Trolley Run at the end of this month. This race gets in my head so badly for some reason. It is four miles, I'll have to walk some of it, and I'm working (with the help of my lovely weight watchers 20's boardies) on accepting the fact that walking is OKAY!

I'll post the links on my Get Movin! page for viewing at your leisure.

Happy Trails y'all!

~Mama Lo~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Challenges and Progress

Happy Weigh In Day to me!!

DOWN 2.2

We're moving right along I'd say. I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I really like the new weight watchers program.

Challenges last week:
  • Get in 3 days of C25K - Got in 2 days of C25K, ran different intervals another day, and went on 2 more walks with Daddy Lo and Baby Lo
  • Start weight watchers - My first full week was a success!
  • Eat more veggies - Definitely ate more veggies. I do love veggies.
  • Do Biggest Loser Yoga once - I need to STRETCH! - Didn't do this one. I don't mind DOING it, It's just a matter of putting my mat on the floor, putting the DVD in, and starting it. Why are we like that? Workouts feel great while you're at it, but it's the getting to it that's hard.
Challenges this week:
  • Track all weekend - last weekend I did the whole track at the end of the weekend thing. I would like to be a little more accountable this weekend.
  • Try to run 3 times and do 30 day shred twice. I loaned 30DS to a friend and got it back yesterday. We shall see if it is as difficult as I remember. Love me some Jillian!
Other shtuffs:
A tool I use in my weight loss journey for a quick and satisfying breakfast is the Lean Shake from GNC. I drank these last year when I lost weight and ALMOST got to my goal weight. I usually pair with a piece of fruit. My favorite flavors are the Swiss Chocolate and Strawberry.

Did you know you can drink BEER and still lose weight? I drank some full flavored beer on Saturday, ate pizza in the evening, tracked it all, and still lost. This is also why I weigh in on Thursdays, because Monday morning I would have seen some bloat.

This weekend is full of family fun with my family coming in town and Easter on Sunday. My goal is to retain a little bit of self control.

Coming next week: I may finally have the guts to post a picture of myself. I still have about 15 pounds to lose to get to my initial goal, but now is the time to start holding myself accountable and tracking success through pictures.

Good luck to everyone this weekend, and remember, everything is okay in moderation. Even some chocolate Easter candy.

~Mama Lo~