Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Dream Job

If I were able to take control and create a dream job, here is exactly what I would do.

1. Blog
2. Read Blogs
3. Read Books
4. Run
5. Blog about running
6. Cross Train / Do yoga
7. Blog about cross training
8. Cook
9. Blog about Cooking
10. Travel
11. Blog about traveling
12. Play with my baby
13. Blog about playing with my baby
14. Clean (Yes, I like cleaning when I am able to focus time on cleaning without all other factors of life running through my head and overwhelming me.)
15. Watch Gossip Girl

If anyone is hiring for a job with the above factors, please comment below. I'd love to work for you.

Hell, even if you'll just pay for my family's health insurance, I'll gladly work for you doing the above items. I don't even need a salary!


The things above are things I enjoy doing. And I've started to wonder why we make it a lifestyle to do things that drive us bonkers. Oh, cuz we need money to survive. Yeah, about that.... But honestly, it takes me until about 5pm on Saturday for me to wind down from my week, get work out of my head, and start focusing on the things that really matter in life. That leaves me a whopping 1.25 days of joy a week right now. I could really use help or some advice on how to turn my brain OFF and ENJOY TODAY, instead of worrying about past and future all the time.

I'm a worrier. My favorite verse states, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34. When will I have the strength and discipline to live by this verse? It's a nice theory, and it is the guideline from God, but I just don't listen! I don't know how.

What do you do to wind down after a long week? 
How do you turn your brain off? 
Does anyone need someone to read books for them and want to pay me?

~Mama Lo~

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rock The Crossroads 5k

Rock the Cross Roads 5k Race Recap

1. Start Time 7:30pm
2. Chip Time 38:39
3. Had to pee after mile 1
4. Monster Hill
5. GREAT people watching
6. Probably should have trained
7. Probably should have peed (again) before the race
8. 96 degrees
9. Concert and beer at the finish line
10. They made us run past the best burger joint in KC (Town Topic) during this race. Who DOES that???
11. Can't wait to do it again next year (after I actually train of course)

So yeah, I was slow. Ran mile 1 just fine. Then had to pee. So bad. I'd run, then have to walk and hold the pee. I seriously considered pissing my pants so I could get back to running. There were a LOT of people walking though. Especially on the hills. Honestly, I'm surprised I did as well as I did considering I haven't run since the 4th of July (with the exception of an easy treadmill workout last week) and I've stayed out of the heat all summer. I'm such a fair weather runner.

I first read about this race on Julia's blog, Keeping Up with Goliath. She is on my blog roll if you haven't checked her out yet. This race  turned out to be a great date night for Hottie Lo and I. Let me mention that he is NOT a runner, and he ran this thing in 29 minutes. This is the same guy who "decides he's going to lose 5 pounds this week and just does." If I didn't love him, I'd probably hate him.

This guy had on a pretty sweet getup, and he did some pretty awesome stretching before the run. I'd also like to add he beat both myself and Hottie Lo.

I went to this race with wet hair. Whatevs.


Running for JC.

Since I was WALKING up this awful hill, here's a nice shot of the city.

LOVE KC's skyline

Check out my running skirt. I double heart my running skirt.

Post Race hot dog. I deserved it.  (My husband was really embarrassed while taking this photo of me. I don't understand.)

  ~Mama Lo~

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Don't you love when you write an inspiring blog post and commit to being all great and stuff, and then you don't do it?

Story of my life.

Speaking of my life, in my last post I wrote some statement about work being stressful, and the best way to get over that stress is by working out. And then things got worse. In lieu of working out, I was so upset/stressed I was sick and couldn't eat. And after that period, I couldn't stop eating. But, time heals all wounds, and I'm getting through this tough time.

So with that said....

I WILL be a good Weight Watcher...I WILL be a good Weight Watcher...I WILL be a good Weight Watcher

  • I joined a gym.
  • Tomorrow I will attempt my first 5:30am Spin Class
  • Daddy Lo, Baby Lo, and Mama Lo got up and ran/walked a 5k yesterday morning (Y'all, pushing a 20 pound baby through the hills of Lee's Summit is no joke!) 
  • Daddy Lo and I went on a massive "healthy" shopping spree yesterday, and we're set with a meal plan for the next week. Tonight we are having a Weight Watchers salmon recipe.
  • Saturday I meet with a trainer at the new gym for an orientation training session. I'm so excited about this! My old gym promised a session, but never set one up. 
  • I am foregoing any and all alcohol for a week. I haven't been drinking a lot, but I don't have room for the empty calories and water retention right now. 
  • And last but quite frankly...most important...I am tracking every.single.bite between now and next Thursday. 
So consider me committed to these goals. NO excuses.

 ~Mama Lo~