Monday, August 20, 2012

Gasp! I worked out on a weekend!

Friday was a rest day, and I very much enjoyed the break. I hung out at home, watched some TV with Baby Lo and made some peanut butter oatmeal cookies. The cookies were low fat...and they tasted low fat. Not impressed.

Don't worry, I still ate them.

Saturday was a great workout day. I did a weight circuit in the gym followed by an easy 2 mile run on the treadmill. When I joined the gym, I went through orientation with the trainer. The trainer told me it was best to do my cardio after weights if I was going to do cardio on the same day. He said there were benefits, because while you do your cardio workout, you will repair your muscles and give nutrients to your muscles that they need. Interesting topic. Google it.

The other thing I noticed was how much easier those 2 miles seemed after doing a strength circuit. I liken it to yoga stretches always being much easier at the end of the yoga session than the beginning.

Yesterday, I was so incredibly tired. Hit a wall. Exhausted. As I sat on my couch, I kept telling myself I needed to run. I almost had myself talked into a nap, and then I laced up my shoes and told myself, "just a mile, walk it if you want to." I reminded myself how guilty I would feel if I skipped the workout. I ran a nice quick 2 miles at a 10'13"/mi average pace. I'm getting faster! My quads are yelling at me today though. I've been icing and sretching. I was penciled in for cross training, so I might do a little bit of  light Yoga before bed.

And since I hate posts without is a cute baby for your viewing pleasure.

Check out that bedhead!
~Mama Lo~

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