Monday, April 8, 2013

Taking the Pressure Off

You ever talk yourself out of a workout? Of course you do. Everyone does at some point or another.

I used to be notorious for talking myself out of workouts on Mondays. Like there was some magnetic force that kept me out of my workout clothes and Nike's on Mondays. Like I would start melting if I laced up and ran or attended any sort of workout class. I mean gosh, after the relaxing weekend, Mondays are exhausting.

As with everything else that has changed about me, Mondays seem to be my go to workout day. I can fail the rest of the week and all weekend long, but I seem to be consistent on Mondays. Hey, take your wins where you can get them. I've been hitting up Zumba class with my BFF and a friend from work, but tonight they were both busy. I took the opportunity to prepare for my race on Saturday. I put sweet (angry) Baby-Lo to bed (talk about being exhausted from Mondays. Toddlers do NOT do well on Monday nights..), laced up and hit the road.

For the first time this season I did my little 2 mile route. It has a couple of monster hills, perfect for race preparation. I am not at all where I should be for Saturday, but I'm just going to have some fun. Isn't it amazing what strides we make when we take the pressure off?

And here are a few selfies to describe my Monday. Pardon my closet. I clearly don't have enough shoes.

Ever look at a picture and immediately start picking yourself apart? I'm vowing to push those thoughts aside. That looks like a gal who just got out for a nice little run. Go her!

~Mama Lo~

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